Ski mats for covering dry ski slope

Artificial skiing surface ‘SPORTFIX SL Mats’ is used for cover downhill runs, terrain parks The product is a result of the many years of experience of people who are actively and professionally connected to alpine skiing. SPORTFIX SL Mats are produced in three basic colors: white, red and green. They are made of environmentally friendly materials and are certified by ITC.

 Sportfix SL Mats surface:

All year round artical dry ski slopes

Alpine skiing is one of the world’s most popular forms of active recreation, and that is fact that millions of people enjoy skiing on the whole of Europe, very pleased. The development of technology allows skiing in places away from the mountains, in areas which do not have the tradition of ski resorts because of both its location and climatic conditions. Many European countries such as France, Italy, Netherland and Belgium appreciated year-round ski resorts with artificial slopes, whether located in the closed premises or outdoors. And although often smaller, when appropriately organized and conducted having huge popularity. Frequent contact with skiing, unlimited by weather conditions, time of year and the distance is a perfect alternative for recreation for many devoted to the white madness people who have less and less free time and wanting to ride in his spare time. White skiing surface and appropriate winter animation gives skiers a sense of stay in the mountains, and the combination of ski rental and ski-pub significantly improves the atmosphere of the facility, also increasing the turnout of both skiers and accompanying. Many skiers skeptical about artificial turf will tell you, that otherwise drive on the artificial slope is a way through the snow. It should be remembered that the same snow comes in many forms, and adjust the correct technique allows you to enjoy the ride in all conditions.

Advantages of use synthetic ski mats

Similarly, the artificial covering, as close in feeling to drive on artificial hard snow provides a lot of excitement and thrills. Much could be written about the differences arising from what mother nature gives us in the form of snow and a synthetic product that is SPORTFIX SL Mats surface. In both cases, we find both negatives and positives, but it does not change the fact that ultimately counts the result of economic and customer satisfaction. Keep in mind the cost of investment and maintenance of a small resort or slope with artificial surface. Given the costly production of artificial snow and the issues involved and the high risk of loss, the construction of artificial slopes is justified because of the much lower investment costs and the smooth functioning of the object. Another warm and snowless winters cause that most centers due to lack of snow does not operate in the peak demand for skiing, and those that have but one prepared, often short artificial slope, records invasion of skiers provides higher earnings. SPORTFIX surface is also an ideal ground for artificial and natural snow.
The special shape of stable surface modules ,effectively stops the falling snow isolating it from the ground. Slows the melting process, the blowing and sliding on the steep sections and allows you to run with less snow cover. DLarge metropolitan areas devoid of suitable land due to its location and climate conditions. The possibilities are limitless for potential investors because of the massive character of the sport, the lack of competition and the originality of the project. SPORTFIX surface is produced based on the experience of people on a daily basis trained onalpine skiing at arificial skiing mats since the eighties, being at that time professional skiers. The main goal of our company is to minimize the differences resulting from driving on snow and igelicie. SPORTFIX artificial skiing surace is ITC certified and has come a long way forward with the shape, construction and material of which for many years has produced, has a much better glide, stability and durability while being environmentally friendly. The specially designed shape of the ski mats minimizes friction and allows you to make the evolution of skiing and riding all known techniques. SPORTFIX surface is produced in basic white color, because it is clear from the observation that surface in color of snow skier does not make unnecessary belaying, a properly planned animation Winter, improves the optical appearance of object and makes the skier likely reflects the passion of skiing allocating in less time, close to home.

Mini ski slopes

Enjoy a great mini ski designs, sports halls and other indoor facilities, and in holiday resorts, increasing their attractiveness for expanded opportunities for skiing, year-round, regardless of weather conditions and geographical location.


In recent years, gaining great popularity widely understood freestyle skiing and snowboarding. To meet the expectations of young athletes and enthusiasts of this extremely impressive sports we offer plastic covering SPORTFIX to teach bumpers to “kickers”, ramps, jumps and other elements of terrain parks, which allows to improve of new tricks all year round! SPORTFIX has much less friction than any previously used artificial surface, which automatically translates into increased speed driving, and consequently a much greater ability to perform freestyle tricks and evolution. Clever design of surface modules and specially developed material from which they are made, causing that skiing on SPORTFIX surface is comparable to skiing on artificial, hard snow. Unfortunately, yet another winter is for all skiers period of increasing disappointment. For several years, increasing vagaries of weather make it really hard to hone their skills due to lack of snow, and high temperatures, which cause that can not be artificially snow-making systems slopes. Snow appears only in the highest parts of the mountains, where, unfortunately, very often it is not possible to skiing in any form. Freestyle surfaces SPORTFIX allow practicing and improving skills throughout the year. Not only excellent pass an examination in the spring or summer, when the snow is missing for obvious reasons. Also in the winter when there is no snow or is just too little, thanks to freestyle surfaces it is possible to indulge in the white madness.